The Ultimate Bottle Packaging Shrink Film

Discover a seamless packaging experience with our Shrink Film – the perfect blend of form and function & Elevate your packaging game with our high-quality Shrink Film, a versatile and efficient solution for bundling, securing, and protecting various products. 

Pet Strap for Dependable Holding Power!

Pet strap is a versatile and durable strapping material designed to securely wrap and hold various items in place. Made from high-quality polyester (PET), this strapping solution offers exceptional strength and resistance to stretching, ensuring a tight and reliable hold on your packages, pallets, or bundles.

Versatile & Secure Wrapping Solutions

Discover the unparalleled versatility and reliability of Stretch Film for all your packaging needs. Our stretch film provides a strong, flexible, and cost-effective solution for bundling and securing palletized goods, ensuring safe transportation and storage.

We Optimize and Grow Your Business

Mulch film is a valuable tool for sustainable farming practices, contributing to increased yields and healthier crops.It suppresses weed growth by blocking sunlight, conserves soil moisture, regulates soil temperature, prevents soil erosion, and reduces the spread of soil-borne diseases.

Cultivating Success in Agriculture

Introducing our revolutionary GreenThumb Grow Bag, designed to revolutionize agriculture and gardening practices. Crafted with premium materials and innovative design, our grow bags are the perfect solution for cultivating plants of all kinds with ease and efficiency.

Introduction to The Company


We Are A Group Of Industries Located In Kolhapur Maharashtra, Involved In Various Agricultural And Packaging Products. Our Group Was Founded 30 Years Ago, Has Vast Technical Expertise In Polymer And Agri Technology. Our Team Encompasses Very Highly Qualified Technical As Well Commercial Promoters And Professionals Who Are Constantly Behind The Growth And Consistency Of Our Group. One of our vertical, namely: Aarya Agrotech and National Paper Industries involved in Packaging Material deals in items like PET Strap, PET Wires, PE Stretch Film. PE/LD Shrink Film, LDPE /HDPE Liners, Bags and Mulch Film. These products are used to pack, bundle, unitize, protect and secure goods while they are in storage or transit. 


We aim to provide Excellence through our products by incorporating world class Technology and be Trustworthy
Packaging Partner.


The industry standards in Safe Guarding products, Spearhead the Circular Plastic Economy and aim to Earn Trust of Customers and Partners on Global Scale


We value our people and are committed to their development. We take a long-term approach to all our relationships.

Our Infra Frontier of
this Vertical.

We constantly pursue newer and better ideas, processes, products and practices. Our Plants operates on Multilayers Blown Film Plants, Cast Line Plants, Injection Moulding, Extruders and Paper Convertors

PLANT AREA (Sq. ft.)

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The Company is following best practices in Quality, Environmental, Occupational
Health and Safety, and Food Safety Managements and is Certified accordingly.

Note :

All above verticals are located in Kolhapur District and is fingered by the Experienced Techno-Commercial Promoters.


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